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The philosophy of wellness and preventive health care foundational to chiropractic practice is not just reserved for adults. In recent years, pediatric chiropractic care has emerged as a safe and effective mode of promoting well-being amongst our youngest population. At Back2Strength in Eugene, we recognize the myriad of benefits pediatric chiropractic can offer, supported by an increasing body of scientific research and studies.

The Science Behind Pediatric Chiropractic:

Contrary to traditional belief, children, even at their best, can benefit from treatment from a chiropractor. Here are some research-based benefits:

1. Colic Relief: A systematic review published in the "Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics" suggests that chiropractic manipulation may be useful in treating colic. The study reported a significant reduction in crying behavior amongst infants suffering from colic.

2. Asthma Management: A case study published in the "Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health" highlighted the potential benefits of chiropractic care in a child with asthma, sleep apnea, and snoring. The child's symptoms showed marked improvement through chiropractic treatment.

3. Headache Relief: The "Journal of Chiropractic Medicine" published a case study that reported the successful management of chronic migraines in an 8-year-old girl through chiropractic care. The care included spinal manipulative therapy, breathing exercises, and lifestyle advice.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care at Back2Strength, Eugene:

The chiropractors at Back2Strength in Eugene adopt safe, gentle, and non-invasive techniques to help improve the health and vitality of children. Ensuring the children's musculoskeletal structure is aligned helps their bodies function optimally, promoting better overall health.


Pediatric chiropractic care at Back2Strength, Eugene, offers a safe, non-pharmacological alternative for various childhood ailments. By treating the root causes rather than just symptoms, it embodies a preventative approach that promotes long-term health. The practice continues to be backed by an increasing body of scientific evidence, making it a reputable and worthwhile consideration for parents prioritizing their children's health. Our chiropractors are equipped with specialized training in pediatric health, ready to guide your children on their journey towards optimum health.


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