Neck Pain Chiropractor Eugene

As ubiquitous as it is debilitating, neck pain continues to prevent many Eugene residents from achieving their optimal health and comfort levels. At Back2Strength, we offer an approach that focuses on long-term relief rather than temporary fixes.

Neck pain is a common complaint amongst adults. Chronic neck pain can stem from various factors – ranging from poor posture to a sedentary lifestyle or even stress. This can significantly impair the quality of one's life, from creating discomfort or sleep disturbances to affecting overall productivity. Thankfully, chiropractic care is becoming a preferred solution for neck pain.

_Chiropractor And Neck Pain_

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to treating a myriad of health problems. Contrary to popular belief, it does not always involve spinal manipulation or "cracking." Many people are surprised to learn that there’s much more to a chiropractor's toolbox than just spinal adjustment. Though often associated with treating back problems, chiropractic can also be a beneficial treatment for neck pain by addressing the root cause and focusing on preventive care.

_Back2Strength Approach_

At Back2Strength in Eugene, our approach to chiropractic care emphasizes strength and conditioning therapy. We focus on promoting healthy lifestyle changes alongside manual therapies. This approach helps to increase muscle strength, specifically those supporting the spine, which in turn reduces strain on the neck.

Our Eugene chiropractors understand that cemented incorrect postural habits could be the source of lingering neck pain. Using precise therapeutic exercises and strength training, our chiropractors guide clients to gradually build strength and reduce stress on the neck. Our methods support the body's natural healing process, focusing on enhancing strength and functionality.

_Scientific Evidence_

Across several studies, chiropractic care has proven to be an effective approach to dealing with neck pain. According to a study published in The Spine Journal, patients undergoing chiropractic treatment showed notable improvement in chronic neck pain symptomatology. This improvement was achieved with a combination of spinal manipulation and strength and conditioning exercises.


With Back2Strength's unique approach, Eugene residents battling neck pain have access to effective treatment options tailored to their specific needs. Remember, neck pain should not be a constant in your life. It's high time to connect with a chiropractor at Back2Strength in Eugene for a fresh, strength-based perspective on managing your neck pain. Our focus is not just about relieving neck pain but also empowering you with the tools to maintain strong and healthy cervical muscles – because your strength is our priority.


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