Auto Accident Eugene Chiropractor


Motor vehicle accidents can often leave survivors dealing with physical, and mental roadblocks. Amongst these challenges, injuries like whiplash, back pain, and soft tissue damage rear their head most commonly. At Back2Strength in Eugene, our focus is to tackle these issues effectively through comprehensive chiropractic care.

The Essential Role of a Chiropractor in Treating Accident Injuries:

Chiropractic treatment is centered around diagnosing and addressing neuromuscular disorders, primarily through manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine. Our Eugene-based chiropractors at Back2Strength are equipped to provide expert care to those recovering from a motor vehicle accident.

1. Whiplash: Whiplash often occurs as a result of the forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. Expert chiropractors at Back2Strength can help restore the range of motion, reducing inflammation and alleviating the discomfort in the neck area.

2. Back Pain: From minor strains to significant fractures, back pain can arise as a common repercussion of accidents. Our Eugene chiropractors operate strategically to provide natural relief, restoring spinal alignment, and consequently preventing chronic pain conditions from developing.

3. Soft Tissue Injuries: These injuries may initially go unnoticed until symptoms manifest days or even weeks post-accident. Regular chiropractic adjustments at Back2Strength can significantly expedite recovery times and improve tissue healing.

Harnessing the Power of Chiropractic Adjustments and Therapies:

The human body is a marvel, capable of healing itself in remarkable ways. Chiropractic adjustments at Back2Strength facilitate this healing process by making sure the body’s alignment and movement are back to optimal. Through manual manipulation techniques, Eugene chiropractors aim to improve joint function of the spinal column, alleviating pressure from the nerves, and fostering optimal nervous system communication.

At Back2Strength, we incorporate additional therapeutic techniques such as spinal decompression, massage, stretching, and strength exercises. These go a long way in reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, restoring mobility, and reinforcing the body, thereby accelerating recovery.


Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a physically taxing experience, but your path to recovery doesn't have to be. Back2Strength in Eugene provides comprehensive chiropractic care as part of your recuperation plan. We offer non-invasive, holistic treatment protocols that not only accelerate recovery but also pre-empt future complications. Providing you with ease and fortitude to breeze through your recovery and return to your regular rhythm of life at the earliest. At Back2Strength, we adhere to comprehensive healing, and our chiropractic care ensures a well-rounded approach to your post-accident recovery.


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