Knee pain Chiropractic

Do you live with chronic knee pain? Are you in Eugene, wondering about alternative treatment options? Look no further than Back2Strength chiropractors who employ a combination of chiropractic and rehab therapies to help address various conditions including knee pain.

Chiropractic medicine is an integrative, non-pharmacological therapy that pays heed to the body’s own healing powers. It primarily focuses on the relationship between the body's structure, especially the spine, and its functions. A chiropractor applies hands-on therapy techniques to improve the function of the joints and soft tissues. 

How Does Chiropractic Care Benefit Knee Pain?

A chiropractor in Eugene, like the experts at Back2Strength, can help alleviate knee pain that often results from various factors including degenerative diseases, injuries, poor posture, or even sedentary lifestyles. Here are a few ways they do this:

1. **Reducing inflammation**: Through chiropractic adjustments, inflammation in the knee joint can be reduced, promoting healthier joint function and relieving pain.

2. **Improving function**: Dysfunctional joints can lead to undue stress on certain parts of the knee, worsening the pain. Chiropractic care, using physical examinations, identifies and corrects these problems to get your body back in sync.

3. **Improving mobility**: Chronic knee pain often leads to restricted mobility. Regular chiropractic care can help improve your range of motion and flexibility.

In conjunction with chiropractic care, rehabilitation services provided by professionals like the team at Back2Strength in Eugene, can also be highly beneficial. These services often include strength training, flexibility exercises, and balance activities designed to improve joint function and prevent recurrent injuries.

While chiropractic care addresses immediate joint issues, rehab works in the long term to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Together, they create a comprehensive, holistic approach to treating knee pain.

The connection between knee pain and spinal health can often be overlooked. Yet, an experienced chiropractor understands this link. The professionals at Back2Strength apply their experience in chiropractic and rehabilitation to offer personalized treatment plans to help you overcome knee pain and enjoy a more active, comfortable life.

Remember, chronic knee pain isn't something you have to live with. With reputable centers like Back2Strength in Eugene and the transformative power of chiropractic care and rehab, relief is well within your reach. Schedule a visit to learn how you can start your journey to a pain-free life.


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