Are You Suffering From Tennis Elbow?

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Tennis Elbow Chiropractor

Pain on the outside of your elbow is commonly called tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. The muscles in your forearm that extend your wrist attach on the outside of your elbow at your lateral epicondyle.

Tennis elbow is commonly brought on by overuse like swinging a racket or hammer, using a screwdriver, or excessive typing. When these muscles become injured or overused, they can become irritated and inflamed leading to pain on the outside of your elbow.

It is important to have your tennis elbow evaluated as soon as possible since 80% of patients with tennis elbow still had pain and related symptoms 1 year later. If left untreated this can turn into a chronic condition.

Common causes of tennis elbow:

Tennis, carpentry, bricklaying, knitting, playing piano and typing.

It is important to avoid aggravating movements or positions while rehabilitating your tennis elbow. If you are a tennis player, choosing a lighter racquet with a lighter handle can be helpful in reducing symptoms.

How our Eugene chiropractors treat tennis elbow:

Our team of Eugene chiropractors will perform a thorough history and exam to make sure your tennis elbow isn’t coming from your neck. Once the tennis elbow diagnosis is made your Eugene chiropractor may use, manipulation of the joint, therapeutic modalities such as laser or ultrasound, specific strengthening and stretching exercise for the wrist and elbow.

A brace may be prescribed to help reduce symptoms while performing offending activities. Strengthening the associated musculature will be helpful for improving function long term and is a necessity. Ultimately, the best treatment for tennis elbow is a combination of many of the factors listed above.

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