Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist will use holistic massage therapies to aid in your recovery, nurture relaxation, and heighten the benefits of your chiropractic care.

Massage Therapy From A Licensed Practitioner:

Massage therapy continues to grow in demand and popularity and is now becoming a mainstream treatment option. Massage is a hands-on technique focusing on relieving tension, reducing stress, relaxing muscles and improving and reducing overall tension throughout the body.

It has numerous other benefits as well including improving circulation, improving posture, and enhancing your body's immune system.

Our highly skilled massage therapists are focused on quality, not quantity.

We believe our clients are entitled to the highest caliber massage possible. 

We offer a variety of options including:

  • Swedish Massage: A lighter relaxing massage with long flowing strokes focusing on stress relief.
  • Pregnancy and Post Partum Massage: Helps to provide relaxation and stress relief for the expectant mother. The helps to enhance the wellbeing of both the mother and baby while greatly reducing the discomfort of pregnancy.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage involved firm pressure to work deep into the muscle layers to release trigger points, and spasms, and to flush out toxins. Helpful with injury rehabilitation and inflammation.
  • Sports Massage: A form of Deep Tissue Massage that incorporates mobilization techniques, and stretches all focusing on improving the range of motion and enhancing biomechanics. It is helpful both before and after strenuous physical activities.
  • Positional release technique: A very specialized soft tissue technique focusing on treating protective muscle spasms in the body helping to decrease pain, muscle spasms, fascial tension and joint stiffness.
  • Cupping: A traditional Chinese therapy where the practitioner creates suction in a plastic therapy cup and places it on the client's skin over the treatment area. The suction creates a rush of blood to the area, lifts and releases the fascia, and increases blood circulation. Optimized blood flow helps all areas of the body function more efficiently.

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