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Significantly reduce or eliminate chronic pain!

If you are one of the millions who suffer from recurring back pain and have found that your attempts at complicated and time-consuming exercise programs and treatments have not helped, our spinal rehabilitation program may be what you need.

Utilizing some of the most technologically advanced lumbar rehabilitation equipment the MedX Lumbar Exercise machine safely isolates, tests, and strengthens the deep stabilizing muscles in your lower back.

These muscles are called your multifid and are often the root cause of lower back pain. The equipment operates at a very low level of friction and provides accurate and consistently smooth resistance throughout normal ranges of motion.

Proven Results with Published Research

Strengthening the deep spinal muscles over a two to three-month period with the MedX Lumbar exercise machine will significantly reduce or eliminate chronic pain and improve functional abilities. As your function improves, the body normally moves toward regaining health.

Published research demonstrates a nearly 80% success rate for people in pain suffering from conditions such as arthritis, herniated discs, sciatic nerve pain, and degenerative joint disease.

Here are the benefits:

Target the Muscles that Count?

If you were to review the back pain studies in peer-reviewed medical journals published over the past fifteen years, you would find that the research suggests that a specific set of muscles play a key role in the great majority of back pain.  

The research shows that most back pain sufferers have underdeveloped Multifidus muscles. These thin, critical stabilizing muscles are located very deep in the spine. 

They span anywhere from 1-3 levels and interconnect the spinal vertebrae together playing a vital role in bending and twisting motions of the back. If they are weak, inflamed, or in spasm, they can trigger chronic back pain.

Our Program Is Comprised of 5 steps:

  1. Evaluate the strength and flexibility of your lumbar spinal musculature.
  2. Compare your results to normative data specific to your gender, age and size.
  3. If weakness is present, rebuild the strength of the lumbar spinal musculature.
  4. Re-evaluate the strength and flexibility of the lumbar spinal musculature.
  5. Maintenance and prevention.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy & Rehab Care

What sets this program apart is the focus on restoring normal function through progressive resistance exercises on specialized weight-training equipment. The focus is on providing a lasting solution by treating the root cause of ongoing pain and disability – weakened muscles that support and stabilize the lumbar spine.

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